• Access to Contents, Audios, Videos, Research papers and much more;
  • Significantly reduced entry fees to seminars, continuing education, symposiums and other related implant educational events;
  • Reduce fees on certain suppliers connected to implant dentistry;
  • Regularly literature updates every quarterly;
  • Newsletters send to your email or email provided by the MOIA;
  • Online view of the “LANCET” MOIA implant annual journals;
  • News on upcoming workshops, lectures, and group gatherings;
  • Access to Video Live events on any seminars (Playback or Live view);
  • Communicate with other professionals through chat box to share knowledge and seek advices;
  • Member Clinics will be listed in MOIA public patient page provided Professionals have attended the MOIA workshops, symposiums, or any or its seminars and has shown that they are capable of correctly placing implants in the oral cavity;
  • The opportunity to develop your own personal network with like-minded professionals as well as opinion leaders in implant dentistry and related fields;
  • And Many More…
Membership Categories Standard Rates (Entrance Fee) Renewal Fee (Every 12 Months)
Clinicians – For any dentist registered with the Malaysian Dental Council. RM 180 RM 100
International Members– For any dentist registered under their own country. (Dentist not Registered under Malaysia Dental Council) RM 250 RM 150
Postgraduates Members– For any Dental Student studying and taking up any postgraduate programs. RM 120 RM 80
Undergraduate Members– For any Dental Student taking up any dental undergraduate programs. Waived  RM 80
Retired Clinician– For any individual who has retired from employment in their own country. RM 50  RM 30
  • Generally Membership is open to anyone who are interested in implant dentistry for both foreign and domestic. As long as you are credited and registered as a practitioner in any country and has paid the joining fee and maintain the renewal fee every 12 months.
  • Yes, you can join anytime of the month in the year. Renewal fee is every 12 months.
  • Yes, by joining MOIA you will be able to access the Lancet journal from the Group Online. All you have to do is login to your own account under MOIA group and View it from there.
  • By joining MOIA group, you are entitled for all reduce fees in those cases.
  • Most of the courses attended under MOIA will be given certificates.

Membership Registration